My 2018 Fall Must Haves!

My 2018 Fall Must Haves!

Fall is undoubtably my favorite time of the year. I live for pumpkin flavored things, fall fashion and the perfect fall weather. I would love to share with you guys my favorite products that I have been obsessing over this fall.

Aside from fashion, fall flavored and scented things are on the top of my list. In general, candles are an infatuation of mine and when you mix pumpkin and candles together, you can bet on it that I will have my hands all over them. I have had my fair share of candles but it wasn’t until this year that I found my favorite ones by far. People always rave over Volupsa Candles, and I always make sure to smell the new scents when I am shopping in Anthropologie. This year I couldn’t help but buy two of their fall scents. The scents I absolutely fell in love with are, Spiced Cider & Pumpkin Clove. In addition to the amazing fall vibes I got instantly, the packaging is also just the cutest!

Who doesn’t love a good pumpkin latte? I for one even drink iced coffee in the winter months because I love it that much! Pumpkin is my exception for a hot coffee, on a nice fall day nothing is better. I have tried so many from all over, of course one of my favorites is Starbucks but a coffee chain in the state of NJ has it beat in my eyes. When I discovered rook about a year ago, I was hooked, even more so now that pumpkin has entered the picture. Rook Coffee is mostly found in south Jersey, and I swear by their coffee. Their pumpkin is my go-to on any fall day, heck I’d drink it all year long.

In the photo above, I’m wearing another one of my fall must haves! The jacket I am wearing is the Owens Sherpa Denim Jacket from Free People. It makes any outfit cute, even if you decide to dress down for the day. It is the perfect weighted jacket for this time of year in New Jersey. I for one, hate wearing jackets unless I find one that is cute enough to cover my cute clothes underneath! It comes in different colors, making it easy to match with anything you may desire, and I just find it to be one of my favorite jackets EVER! I’ll link another photo down below!

Since I could probably talk forever about all of the fall things I love, I’m going to limit myself and save some goodies for another time. So lastly, something I have recently become obsessed with are cape scarves! Scarves are a stable to any fall wardrobe, and instead of a regular scarf being my “must-have” I found these cape scarves that are just so cute I had to share. Specifically I found mine at Madewell (which I will show below) and they had quite a few different styles of them as well. I love the way you can wear them on your arms because it makes them easier to wear and not have to worry about readjusting or keeping them from falling off!

Thank you guys for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed reading about my must-haves! Let me know what your must-haves are, and if you also agree with any of mine!

With love, Taylor