New Beauty Products I’m Obsessing Over!

New Beauty Products I’m Obsessing Over!

 Newly Found Beauty Must-Haves

As I’ve said before, I love trying new things. I want to start dedicating a post a week to new products that I am trying/have tried and letting you guys know how I like them or if I recommend them. So let me know if that’s something I should consider! Anyways, when it comes to my beauty routine, it is constantly changing. I have normal skin for the most part, but always need to hydrate extra this time of year. I decided to try some new moisturizers and makeup products to start off this fall season right.

First off, I have been looking for a new foundation that isn’t full coverage but doesn’t look like I’m wearing nothing at all. Over the summer I got my makeup done for my cousins birthday at MAC, and the woman who did my makeup used this amazing foundation I just had to give it a try. It’s called the Studio Water-weight SPF 30 Foundation and I wear the shade NC30. It gives you the perfect amount of coverage, it is so easy to blend, and goes on so smoothly it’s really my go-to everyday foundation. You could totally even build on it and make it more full coverage but on a daily basis it’s the best one I have tried for sure.

Another product that I think is perfect for fall, is the Morphe 350 Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette. This product has been around for a while and it was really popular last year I just never hopped on the bandwagon. Let me tell you, I am so glad I did because it is such a bang for your buck. For 35 colors, some matte and some shimmer is only $24!!! The texture of these colors is so nice and blend-able but not too much on the eye. It’s so easy to come up with different shadow looks because literally every color goes so nicely together and there are so many. Every day I use this, even if it’s a simple one color look and I am loving it!

Something everyone should have is a self-tanner that works for them in the winter months. I for one, have never gone tanning in the beds and I never plan to. Before finding this next product I am going to talk about I was hooked on Fake Bake and it got the job done for a few months of the year. It wasn’t until this self-tanner that I really fell in love with the way it worked. Loving Tan has always been all over my instagram but I never thought it could beat Fake Bake but boy was I wrong. This tanner is the easiest, strongest self tanner I have ever used and now I look forward to tanning myself after the shower. The application process is SO simple, especially for the 2 hr express version that I have. So pretty much you use an application mitt to rub the foam in circles starting from your feet and ending at your face. Make sure to moisturize any dry spots though, because the color will tend to stick more to those areas. Then, you can wash the color off after 2 hours if you have the express version which is perfect for a last minute tan. They have a deluxe version where I think you can leave it on for up to 8 hours and it may be a deeper tan, I will be sure to try that when I run out of this one. I decided to start with shade medium but will probably even do dark next time because it is such a natural tan, not orange and really is perfect for any skin tone.

Aside from makeup, skin care while doing makeup is super important. One of my favorite skin care brands is First Aid Beauty, and all of their products are affordable and lightweight. I’m in love with their facial cleanser, so there new coconut water cream hydrator was a must try for me. It is SO hydrating and perfect for winter. It doesn’t leave your face feeling heavy or oily which is nice because a lot of the good moisturizers I’ve tried take forever to dry and just always felt sticky. This coconut water cream smells like coconuts and leaves a weightless feel all day. It is a MUST.

Lastly the next 2 products I am going to talk about are by the same brand, Kopari. I tried Kopari not too long ago, and instantly fell in love with their natural coconut products. These 2 products are the only 2 I’ve tried so far (planning on trying many more) and I love them both. The first product is just their coconut melt which is just coconut oil, but it works wonders for multiple different things in a beauty perspective. I’m thinking about doing a post solely about coconut oil and what I use it for because I feel like it is a staple for anyone’s beauty cabinet. BUT, I will say specifically I use this all over my face right after I jump out of the shower and it gives me an instant glow and I just feel so hydrated which is crucial after a shower. The second product that I am loving is their coconut rose toner. I spray this toner on my face whenever I think necessary, this means 24/7. I use this before my makeup, after my makeup, after the shower, when I wake up, or just whenever I need a little refresh. Pretty much, it’s amazing and smells like the slightest rose sent which leaves a relaxing feel on your face, that’s also a plus. If I’m being honest, this is the first toner I have ever used but I think it’s really doing it’s job!

These products have left their mark on me, and have snuck their way into my daily routine (which seems to get longer everyday haha) and I hope you guys will give them a try and get to love them as much as I do. All of the brands I’ve mentioned in this post are so great, some newer brands but also some I’ve loved forever. I appreciate each of you reading my posts and really hope you enjoy reading them as well! Thanks so much for your support. See you Monday!

With love, Taylor