Furry Fall Boots, Need I Say More?

Furry Fall Boots, Need I Say More?

The Best Dr. Martens To Date

To start, sorry for the late post I am feeling under the weather in this transition from fall to the colder weather. With that being said, my wardrobe however is not having as hard of a time as I am. Fall and winter clothes practically jump out of my closet ALL year long, so when it’s acceptable to actually start wearing them, I am all for it. Dr. Martens are something I had when I was younger and have wanted a pair recently really bad. However, I have boots so similar to the original looking Dr. Marten boot so I didn’t want to drop $150 on a very similar boot. I poked my head into the Dr. Marten store in my mall just to browse. (Yeah OK) I have come to realize all the different styles of boots they have now, therefore I justified my purchase because they are much different than the ones I have at home. I left very happy that day with my new, Fur Lined 2976 Leonore Orleans in the color butterscotch. (They come in black, those will be next) I normally wear a size 7.5 in Women’s but they don’t come in half sizes so I went with the 7 and they fit perfectly!

I think that they are so much fun to style because they can be worn with jeans, leggings, dresses, and really just anything. I love the color even more because it’s so nice for fall and goes great with all fall colors and neutrals of course. The comfort level is also great and I think even better than normal Dr. Martens because you can really feel the fur inside which gives a nice padding inside. I thought the fur made them a little more girly as well, sometimes these boots can just look heavy and clunky but with the brown and the fur I think they are perfect. Clearly I styled them here with a nice casual outfit and they just brought it all together. If you don’t have a pair of these, I suggest waiting for Black Friday at this point, but definitely get your hands on them! Thanks as always for reading!

With love, Taylor


(Sweater XS (Sold Out but similar): Urban Outfitters, Jeans 23 & Neck Scarf: Madewell)