A Jersey Shore Favorite!

A Jersey Shore Favorite!

Stay Gold Cafe & Lounge

I am a huge foodie. Food is a huge part of my instagram because I cook a lot, and go out to eat a lot. My best friend and I also run an Instagram called bffsandbrunch in which we talk about our favorite and go-to food places. Most of them are here in New Jersey and New York, but when we take the occasional travels those wind up on there too. We really enjoy taking pictures of food, running this instagram and of course using it as an excuse to go out to eat and try cool places.

One of the places we’ve come to love, and have featured a lot of times on bffsandbrunch is located in Belmar, NJ and it’s called Stay Gold Cafe & Lounge. We both go to school at Monmouth University and have the advantage of being down the shore near all these great food places. When we started school this was a common place people would go. Of course, we gave it a try and instantly fell in love. From the food to the cozy vibes, it is everything you look for in a cafe. It’s somewhere you can go and grab a bite to eat, or even just a coffee. Or, you can go there and study, it’s a popular place for people to come and be on there computer while enjoying food & coffee but also getting work done. They have outdoor seating in the summer which is nice, and you can also bring your dog to the patio (which of course I LOVE to do). Inside, there’s a bar area where you can just get a drink and hang out, but then there’s a good amount of tables to sit down at. Another part of this cafe that I love, is that they feature a wall of local artists in which they sell their work. The pieces they have up there add to the decor of the place but at the same time are supporting artists and getting their name out there.

Of course, in addition to loving the vibe of the inside the coffee and food are outstanding! I have tried ample amounts of their coffees and I’m yet to find one I didn’t like. My favorite and go to drink is a hot vanilla cinnamon swirl latte. It is perfect in the fall and winter but there’s even times I would get it on a hot day, it’s just that good. They have a good range of flavors and always have specials coordinating with the seasons. Coffee is a make or break for me, so once I figured out I loved their coffee I starting trying pretty much everything on their menu. Yet again, I still have not found something I don’t like. A personal favorite for me is their french onion soup and jam good grilled cheese, oh my god I could literally eat it every day. They also have a soup of the day every day which are also fun and amazing flavors, but a soup and grilled cheese combo is never a bad choice. The menu ranges and for sure has something for everyone, they have healthier options and even some that are vegetarian/vegan friendly!

I love finding a new cafe that I can always depend on when I don’t know what I want, but I’ll always know it’ll be good. I probably go here every other week at least, and I don’t ever seen it getting old. I would highly recommend giving this place a shot if you’re in the area, or looking for a new place to try! I’ve attached their information below so you can check them out and see what they have to offer! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.

With love, Taylor


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