Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo!

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo!

Casual? Dressy? Or Somewhere In Between?

A part of the reason why I love the holidays so much, is because of the cute outfits you can wear. Not to say I don’t use every activity as an excuse to wear a cute outfit, but the holidays take it up a notch. In most cases, Thanksgiving is a more casual holiday than Christmas but depending on what you do, I’m going to show you 3 outfit options that could work for multiple settings! Don’t get me wrong, I like to be comfy and of course you need room in those pants for all of the food you are about to consume, but my go to outfit normally includes a dress. For the holidays I also try to coordinate colors with the season to make it even more festive.

If you’re trying to be more casual, a classic look is always a sweater, a scarf, jeans or even leggings and a cute pair of boots. This look is probably the most comfy but if you go to jean route, they may need to be unbuttoned halfway through dinner. (LOL) The sweater (Size XS) I’m wearing is from Urban Outfitters and is actually the perfect legging sweater because it’s a little longer! I still decided to wear jeans with it because I also like to tuck the front in a little because it goes a little higher. I tried to use a consecutive color scheme and pull it out from the scarf and boots. This color is super perfect for fall and I don’t feel like it’s too bright or overpowering. My scarf is from Abercrombie and is great to wear any way you want, it’s big enough for a shawl or just to wrap around your neck! Of course my jeans (Size 23) are from Madewell and are arguably my favorite pair of jeans, they give you nice shape but they aren’t skinny jeans which I like! Lastly, my boots are also from Urban Outfitters and I got them on sale last year for like $20 so they were a super steal but I get a lot of use out of them this time of year! They are also pretty comfortable and add a little pop to any outfit that is boring and neutral. Overall, this outfit is perfect for someone looking for a nice casual look but still pulls Thanksgiving colors and cozy feelings into their look!


The next outfit is a little more dressy and totally my favorite look. In the fall I love to layer whenever I can because it adds more depth to an outfit. Over the knee boots are also a must for me if I’m wearing a skirt or a dress, so the ones I have here a basic pair of black knee high boots that are perfect for any outfit. These are Marc Fisher and have a tie in the back which I love so it can be adjusted to whatever you’re wearing. This time of year can be a little chilly, so I chose to do a long sleeve bodysuit with a thicker flannel dress over it. I think this outfit is simple enough to be dressy or casual, while still looking like a perfect put together outfit. The white bodysuit is from Free People (wearing size XS/S) and I have it in 3 colors and swear by it, it is really flattering and it awesome for layering! The dress is also from Free People (clearly obsessed & wearing size XS) and the plaid just screams fall to me. This most likely will be my winner, but stay tuned to see which outfit I choose!

Lastly, this is my dressiest option because it is nice and sophisticated, yet cozy! I am a huge fan of sweater dresses. So for this look you pretty much have a blank slate and can dress it up or down. With the black accents I used, it makes it a little more formal and classic. You can take this dress and put booties with it and a denim jacket to make it a whole different feel. This sweater dress (Size XS) is from Abercrombie, and I love the shoulder cutouts because they add a fun aspect to it. The scarf is a plain black knit infinity scarf that is also from Abercrombie, I think a plaid scarf would look great with this as well (I wore this a few years ago) I just don’t know where mine went. The boots are the same ones as above, and like I said are a staple because they just pull an outfit together!

Hopefully this gave you guys some inspiration if you don’t have your outfit planned already! I would love to know which looks you guys like, and what your go-to style on Thanksgiving is. I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and eat all of your favorite foods.

With love, Taylor