New Years Resolutions

New year, new goals

Every year it seems we set new goals and halfway through the year we’ve forgotten about them. 2018 was a year full of exciting things for me but also was a challenging year. I realized that I wanted to change my life and start putting my eye for fashion and love for interacting with people and impacting lives to use. My instagram finally is starting to have a vibe that I am happy with. I finally took the leap and investment to start this blog, and I am so excited to see what 2019 has in store in terms of that.

I learned a lot about this space in a few months and I learn new things every day and really enjoy interacting with other bloggers to hear their tricks and tips. This is my dream job, and I hope that one day I can say that I have achieved my dreams and can be a full-time blogger! With that being said let’s get into my list of resolutions!

1. Eat less meat.

I say “less” meat because a full transition to being vegetarian or vegan doesn’t seem realistic for me at this time. I have slowly started realizing that incorporating less meat into my diet will slowly start to change the way I live. I don’t know if becoming vegetarian is a goal of mine, but it’s possible.

2. Create a consistent workout schedule

There are only a few workouts that I enjoy doing, but I know I have to get back in shape. This is the most basic goal ever but until I am happy with myself it will always be a goal of mine. A new pilates studio opened near my house so I’m hoping to do that once a week, along with some yoga and the occasional gym sesh. Also, I have been wanting to try Pvolve because it looks like the type of workout I enjoy and it’s always all over my Instagram.

3. Have better sleeping habits

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, especially the later months of 2018 I have been up until at least 1-2 am every night. With school, and blogging waking up isn’t something I can be doing. I want to aim to be sleeping by 12 and up by 8. I have never needed ample amounts of sleep but I have been sleeping extremely late and I wake up feeling like the day is gone. So, this is important to me.

4. Collaborate with more brands/consistent posting schedule

I’m sure this is one of every bloggers goals, but this is going to be my first real year as a blogger. I want this year to be a year of growth and opportunities for my blog. I have created a schedule for myself when it comes to posting on here and on my Instagram so everything is consistent for you guys. In my first 2 months of blogging I have 1 collaboration so far (which will be featured on the blog this week) and I want that number to increase significantly this year, so I will be working hard for that goal to be met.

5. Monthly Giveaways on IG

I was involved in my first giveaway about a month ago, and I really enjoyed doing it. I loved interacting with people and having them interact with me as well. I want to start hosting my own giveaways and either doing it myself or with a group of other bloggers, to give away fun things each month. To start they may not be the best giveaways ever, but I will make sure it’s things any girl (or guy) could use or would want. 

6. Travel to some new places

Even if these are small trips, I want to start seeing new things. I will admit I am not a fan of planes and traveling that way so road trips are sorta my thing. That doesn’t mean I won’t fly sometimes but if I can drive, I will. (maybe 2019 I can work on this too) but for now I don’t mind road trips, I like the car. So taking some trips to some new places is a must. 

7. Be more relaxed, take time to myself

I have always struggled with anxiety, but think it’s getting more under control. I want to realize that I don’t always need to be on the go or doing something. I want to take more time hanging out, taking a bath, reading a book, doing yoga, and other things I know I enjoy and help with keeping my mind at ease.

While of course there are other things I WANT to do, these are my core focuses for 2019. I think that they are achievable, realistic goals and look forward to working toward each of them everyday. I think having you guys along this journey with me has been helpful as well, because I learned I love interacting with other girls with the same goals as me and this field really allows you to do that. I hope you all have an amazing 2019 full of happiness, and whatever it is your goals may be. Thanks for reading!

With love, Taylor