Date Night In a Box – Winter Wonderland

December Date Night

I am so excited to be sharing this post with you guys, it is the cutest company ever. Recently I have been seeing this company on my Insta and I figured I’d reach out to them and try to work with them. Excitingly I was able to become an affiliate with them and I am so happy to be writing about my experience. Okay now that I’m done rambling, let me actually tell you about the company. The name of the company is Date Night In, and basically they will send you a differently themed box every month that has the cutest date night ideas for you and your significant other! I love this so much because if you feel like staying in, this is a fun alternative to just watching a movie and making dinner.

For this month’s box (December) I received a winter wonderland themed box that was full of goodies. To start, they give you a booklet that explains what is in your box, and even some other ideas if you wanted to keep the date night going. In the booklet, they gave me a complimentary dinner menu to go along with our cute little date. I think this is so fun because you don’t have to think of what to eat, but it’s great to follow a new recipe. The December recipe was a Gnocchi dish that looked amazing, I didn’t know there was a recipe inside and wasn’t prepared to cook so next time I will be sure to follow the recipe and share that with you guys!

Now on to the actual date! First, they included a “sweet treat” for you to make. The treat was white chocolate trees, with snowflake sprinkles and they came out so cute! It was also super easy because everything was included and the instructions were super easy to follow. My boyfriend saw the next part of the date and got a head start while I was still making some of the trees because it included a hammer and nails (LOL). The next part of the date was the cutest string art idea! Since it was a winter themed box, there was a snowflake string art craft included as a fun thing to make together! For this, there was an instructional video to follow along with so that it came out perfect! The little things like this, are what last in my memories because it’s not something we would’ve thought of on our own! Lastly (my favorite part) was that they included a version of the game headbands! For anyone who doesn’t know this game, it’s so fun and easy to play! Pretty much you have a word on a card, it can be a person, place, thing, literally anything and it gets placed on your head with a headband (hence the name) but you cannot know what the card is. Then by a game of trial and error, you ask yes or no questions that eventually will get you to guess your word! The game in this box had really good words and some of them tied into the winter theme which was a great idea! When we were playing this, we had such good laughs and it was a fun thing to do in our PJs on a Friday night.

As you can tell, I love this. My boyfriend and I love date nights, and this is for sure going to be added to our monthly dates. I feel like this makes a great gift for any couple because who doesn’t love a date night in?! It was so nice to spend time together while being home and not worried about leaving our pup or getting out of sweats. I cannot wait for next month’s box and to see what it has to offer! I will be making monthly posts about these boxes to show you what they’re all about! Thanks as always for reading! (Become an affiliate!) (Click this link to check them out!)

With love, Taylor