A Plant Lovers Dream – Terrain

Devon, PA

I honestly never got into plants, until recently. Don’t get me wrong I love the way fresh plants and flowers look and all, but I always seem to kill them. I am in the middle of sorta revamping my bedroom and it was begging for some greenery. My best friend loves plants and has gone to this amazing place multiple times. I have been talking to her about wanting to try and start fresh with some easy-beginner level plants, so she said I should come along with her to this place called Terrain.

Let me tell you, even if you’re not a plant fanatic this place is unreal! There are 3 parts to this place, the cafe, the terrain shop itself and a ginormous Anthropologie. I would go for the cafe and Anthro alone but now that I am trying out my green thumb, the plant shop is a plus! It is so beautifully decorated and set up, I couldn’t even tell you how many different types of plants and flowers there were, but there were hundreds. Not knowing anything about plants, I would be a little overwhelmed because I didn’t know where to start. But, their workers are very knowledgable which could help you if you have any questions about anything.

When we got there, we were starving so we wanted to eat first. This cafe is breathtaking with plants, and lights and just elegant table settings. There were 4 of us so it was fun to order some different things and try multiple things on the menu. (I wanted to try everything) To start, they bring you out bread, but get this: it’s baked inside a flower pot! It is the cutest thing ever, well I’m also a sucker for good bread. Along side that they change the flavor of the butter that comes with it- ours was a maple sage & sea salt. (YUM) I was already sold on this place just after the bread. For a little app, we got the roasted chickpeas which were also phenomenal and just enough to hold you over but not fill you up. I couldn’t even tell you if the food came out fast or not because we were having good conversation and I was too busy just looking around. For lunch, my boyfriend got a burger (typical, but it was a great burger), my friend got the harvest bowl (falafel, quinoa, & roasted veggies) and her sister and I got the same thing which was a chicken bowl w/ faro, brussel sprouts & kale. We both agreed that it was one of the best things, and the perfect portion. I will say that it is a little on the pricey side, but I don’t mind paying when the food is just THAT good.

Now onto the shopping, we started with the plants. Let me also add that this place is SO photogenic, and so naturally I was taking pictures of everything and taking my time while trying to decide what plant I wanted to start with. After looking around for quite a while, I finally decided on this cute Fittonia! It is supposed to be fairly easy to care for and it’s been 3 days so- so far so good! (Will prob post updates on my IG) It says they do best in indirect sunlight, and being kept moist but not soggy. I also read that they do will in humid situation (my house is not humid) but can also thrive as long as the temperature doesn’t fall below 60. I really hope that I can keep this plant going because I would love to add more to the collection. My friend and her sister got a plant too, but not really sure which one it was. I could’ve spent all day in there, but we had a long-ish drive home so we did a quick run-through Anthropologie but didn’t wind up buying anything. I seriously wold recommend this place to anyone who likes to shop, eat good food, or even just get out of the house for a fun girls day. Just to add: my boyfriend was along for this whole girly day which I thought was so funny because in Anthro, I dragged him up to the wedding dress section for some inspiration. I will totally be back here, they have multiple locations as well so maybe next time I’ll hit up one of the other ones! Of course as always, thanks for reading!

With love, Taylor