Winter FabFitFun Review!

A present to yourself

Okay, who doesn’t love a little gift to themselves?! This is one of my favorite subscription boxes ever. I have only recently started getting them delivered to me but I am already in love with them and the products they send me. I’m sure you see FabFitFun all over your social platforms but it’s for a reason, they are so worth the money and it gives you something to look forward to every season! So if you don’t already know, FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that you get once every season. The boxes start at $49.99 per season, or $179.99 to pay for the whole year. The reason I say starts at these prices, is because they have add on options that you can add to your box if you really wanted to buy something. (These sell out really fast!) I am yet to try an add-on because seriously the box already comes with SO much good stuff.

I got my first box for Fall of 2018, and it had so many good products that I now like to incorporate into my every day routine! That’s another thing I love about this, is that getting all these fun new products can introduce you to one of your new favs! I look forward to this box whenever the seasons are changing, because I know I’ll be getting it soon. For example, a few weeks before the box gets sent out, an email will be sent to you reminding you that you can pick some of the goodies in your box. If you pay quarterly you can only choose 2-3 things and the rest are surprises. I’m pretty sure if you pay flat out for the year you have the option to pick a few more but I choose to pay 4 times a year. You can always have the whole box be a surprise which I think is super fun I just always get too anxious and wind up picking what I can pick. In the beginning you also take a quiz (that you can edit at any time) that shows your interests and helps the people over at FabFitFun choose what to include in your box!

Now, I wanted to share every last item I got in my Winter 2018-2019 box. I wanted to show you how amazing these products are and tell you my thoughts on each of them.

  1. First up, I got 2 essential oils from the brand Elevate.($31) The scents I got were Eucalyptus & Sweet Orange, and they each were for different purposes. The sweet orange smells so amazing and I used this a few times on my temples when I had a headache and it really did help. The Eucalyptus I haven’t broken into yet, but I know its supposed to be amazing for muscle soreness so I’m excited to try that.
  2. Next up is one of my favorites. They are the BLAQ eye masks with hyaluronic acid ($29)and they are AMAZING. I have sleeping problems as it is and my eyes are constantly puffy, but these masks really help to bring down the puffiness and make me look so much more awake. I use these once a week or as needed and they honestly help so much.
  3. The most perfect for winter item: Over the knee socks! ($24) The ones they included were the brand Richer Poorer and they’re black and grey knitted socks that go super well with anything. You can never have too many over the knee socks so!
  4. I feel like I say this about every product but, this product is to die for. It’s the Oribe Dry Shampoo! ($44) I have seen this brand on Instagram a lot but never got the chance to try it so I was excited to see this in here! I love the way it smells and it’s not too heavy on the hair, I would say this one and the Dry Bar Dry Shampoo are my favorites that I’ve ever tried!
  5. This next product I’ve tried before I saw it in here. It’s the Moroccan Gold Series treatment mask. ($49) It’s infused with Argan Oil which is supposed to be killer for your hair. This mask is a little bit heavy on my hair but it does help with making it feel and look softer. I think the next time I try it I should use less of the product and see if I can make a little go a long way- because it does work!
  6. Now the next product is a makeup product that for me is hard to find a good one. It’s the Thrive eye brightener pencil! ($24) The shimmer goes on so smooth and is so subtle. I love a glowy makeup look and this for sure will help you achieve that look, I love this and it has become a part of my routine for sure. I love to use it on my brow bone, waterline, inner corner, and nose and it really brightens my face.
  7. Another product I’ve seen on my feed and was excited to receive is the Ahava hydration creme mask. ($33) The first time I used it I found it to be a little heavy as well, but I gave it another shot and didn’t leave it on for the full time and used less of it and it turned out to be a great hydration mask! (Especially these winter months)
  8. I literally only wear nude lipsticks and I was so happy to have gotten the Bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick. ($26) It is so lightweight and pretty on the lips, it doesn’t feel tacky and like you’re wearing too much. It’s not matte but not super shiny which I love, and overall it’s a perfect lip.
  9. Lastly they included a cute throw blanket from Mark & Graham ($30) that’s really soft and cute for decoration which I also loved for the winter months, it’s very theme fitting.

Well, 9 full size products for $49.99, which probably equal out to around $300 which is incredible. I think that along with the date night boxes, this could be a great gift for someone as well! It really is like a present coming in the mail 4 times a year! They are so much fun to unbox and are always packaged so pretty. I really encourage you all to give it a shot for at least a month, I have a code for you guys as well for $10 off your first box! Click the link below and enter the code at checkout! Thank you guys for reading, and hope you all enjoyed!



With Love, Taylor