Workouts for 2019! – Fitness Friday

  New & Improved Workout Schedule

Welcome to my first, Fitness Friday! I know we’ve all said it a million times, but there is something different about this year. My mind is in a good place and I feel ready to conquer the year and my goals. I’m going to be open and honest about my fitness journey with you guys, because I have a long way to go. I am not trying to sit here and say that I need to lose weight or anything of that matter. Luckily, I am blessed with some genes somewhere along the line that keep me in pretty good shape (for now & only physically) but I need to better my overall health. I may look skinny and in shape on the outside, but the second that I start running, or working out, GAME OVER. This time last year I was into a workout that just didn’t do it for me. The workout I tried last year was a program by Beachbody, called 80 Day Obsession (I didn’t even finish the 80 days because I was bored and not seeing the results I wanted) and I lasted until around March and gave up. Now, I am 5’3″ 110lbs and I DO NOT want to bulk my muscles.

In 2018, after trying Beachbody, I was introduced to Pilates, and Yoga as well. No excuses, but although I loved those workouts, it was summer and I was feeling okay with my body at the time so I didn’t stick with it- yet again. As the year continued to fly by, my muscle that I had all faded away leaving me with where I am now. Unlike last year, I’m not at the place of wanting to lose any weight, or going on any crazy diets, I am happy with my weight but know my body is capable of looking much better. Like I said, I did really enjoy Pilates and Yoga last year making it clear I want a set schedule of those types of classes this year. I know those workouts are exactly what I am looking for because there is little to no weight lifting involved, and focuses on target areas while just strengthening and lengthening. I started doing yoga at a little studio called Monmouth beach yoga and wellness. It’s a small studio near where I go to school, and I love that it is small because the instructors get to know you and want you to do well. It feels like a family once you start going there for a while, and it is encouraging for those just starting out. Pilates on the other hand was a little more of a challenge to get the hang of, but from the very beginning I loved the workout itself. I used a studio called Club Pilates and they are a chain all over my state which is convenient so that I can go to any location that is close to me at the time. They have locations all over the country so I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get involved in pilates. They also have a range of different types of workouts based on intensity and experience. They offer a basic pilates which is called Reformer Flow and then depending on your level of pilates experience they have level 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5. So I started at 1, and now feel comfortable at a 1.5. They also have different types of classes that I haven’t dipped into yet, they have a cardio based class, a barre type class, a class using the TRX straps, one thats high intensity training, and then also a stretching based class. I am trying to take a class with either yoga or pilates at least once a week. These classes can be on the pricey side but at least I feel like it’s worth it when I saw quick results with pilates. (yoga just makes me feel amazing and flexible) They offer some class packages that make it a little more affordable, but I just don’t have the time to get my moneys worth out of a package.

Now this is the real schedule. I have recently been introduced to this workout called Pvolve. I’m sure you’ve seen it somewhere on Instagram and wondered if it actually works. This is a perfect workout for someone who is just trying to tone their muscles, it’s very ab and butt focused which is really what most girls care about anyway. (at least I’m talking for me here) Pvolve is not a high impact workout, and is focused on small movements to strengthen your body without the bulk. With this workout, you have to master the moves in order to be targeting the muscles correctly and see results. So when I started this a few weeks ago, I jumped right into a workout and was struggling because I didn’t know the moves. Now, I am on the 2 week beginner program (which I highly recommend if you start) and already feel such a difference. I feel confident doing the moves, and feel it targeting those muscles. They sell equipment that makes these workouts more intense, but even the ones without are challenging. They offer discounts for students and teachers which I think is awesome, and they offer so many different programs depending on what you want to do with your body. This is something I want to plan on doing at least 4x per week, and I don’t hate waking up to do the workouts which is also a plus. I will be keeping everyone updated on my Instagram (taylormmantz) on this journey and can’t wait to see the results.

Last thing I am incorporating into my routine is some cardio/gym time. I don’t really love going to the gym but I know getting some cardio in is important. Pvolve even recommends doing some along with their workouts to see even more results and faster. So, on the days where I am off from Pvolve, I am going to go the gym and do some running and cycling. Once it gets warmer out I will probably transition to outside because I like that so much more, but for now the gym will do.

So here’s what I pretty much just said:

Pvolve: 4 days a week

Gym: 2 days a week

Classes: 1 day a week

This doesn’t mean I’ll never have an off day. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stick to this perfectly, we all need time off. These are just my goals and I know that they are achievable. I want to share specific workouts either on here, instagram or maybe some youtube vids, and I am so excited to start these Fitness Fridays and share this part of my life with you because I am excited for the results. I hope you guys enjoy this as well, have a great weekend!

With Love, Taylor