Foundations Of Love

January – Date Night In

Back at it again with Date Night In A Box and I couldn’t be more excited to share this month’s theme with you! If you haven’t read my previous post on this company just to give you a rundown, they’re a company that takes date night to the next level. Each month, they send you a box with a bunch of goodies and brings date night to you!

This past month, the theme was more than just a theme like fall, or winter. The theme was the foundations of love, and it really made you dig deep into your relationship. Each box always comes with a paper pamphlet that describes everything in your date box and even a suggested dinner menu. We always decide to do our date night on a random night when were sitting home so we never wind up having any of the ingredients, but the meals look amazing and I swear next time we’re going to make one. The first part of this date night was my favorite. The idea was to create a strong foundation using popsicle sticks that would later need to hold up the box your date night came in. However, on the popsicle sticks, you and your partner had to write on them things that make your relationship strong. I LOVED doing this, it made us laugh and look back on our relationship. We wrote on every stick that we used and it was a really fun part of the date. The next part, builds on stop of this by sitting the box that came in the mail on top of the foundation you just built and make a tower using straws as high as you can, and have a spot at the top to hold a jelly bean. (I didn’t realize the jelly beans weren’t for eating until later on…. so we were a few short) If you submit a pic of your creation, you have the chance to win a home depot gift card which I thought was a cool way to add a little competition to the date as well!

I think that this was such a great month because it brought us closer, simply by writing on popsicle sticks. It is funny, but it reinforced how important it is to have a strong foundation in anything and doing what we did showed us how strong we are! I am working on doing a giveaway soon with one of these boxes so stay checked up on my Insta to keep an eye out for that! Thank you guys so much for reading, let me know below if you’ve ever tried this company and your feelings on them! If you haven’t, take a peek now! DATENIGHTINBOX See y’all Tuesday!

With Love, Taylor