Essential Oil Obsession!

How I use Aromatherapy

This isn’t something that has just come around, but seems to be getting more popular recently. I have always been into aromatherapy and swear by it for some home remedies, so I figured I would share how I use these oils so maybe it can help you! As I’ve shared previously, I suffer from anxiety and there are a few things that really help to settle it when it sneaks up on me. For me, I get anxiety a lot before bed which causes me to have trouble falling asleep. This has really started taking a toll on my body because I have not been getting good night sleeps, and sleeping in way too late. Previously, I used a pillow spray that was scented with lavender and chamomile to help me fall asleep. This helped me a little, but the smell ran out so quickly and I didn’t want to have to keep spraying my pillow every 10 minutes. I decided to buy an oil diffuser and try out a special oil made to help you fall asleep and relax. First off, I didn’t spend $100 on it, I bought it at Target for $22! It took me so long to decide which diffuser I wanted because I’ve always been recommended such fancy and expensive ones. I was in Target a few weeks ago and came across this one and decided to give it a try. I am so so glad that I decided to do this because this is a game changer. The oil that I have previously used can be found at Target as well, it is by Chesapeake Bay and in the scent ASLEEP. The first night I used this I noticed a difference in my quality of sleep because I fell asleep feeling relaxed. As I continued to use it, every day I noticed how much quicker it is making me fall asleep. I put it on about 30 minutes before I really want to be asleep and it works almost every-time with the exception of a few times that maybe took 45 minutes, but still better than my 3 hours. This scent is so light and refreshing so it doesn’t overpower the smell of your room, which is nice as well. I think that this is a great way to help with someones sleep schedule if you don’t want to result to medications or just suffering from extreme tiredness during the day, it has helped me tremendously.

The next two oils can actually be applied directly on the skin and I only use them for specific purposes when needed. Let’s start with the Sweet Orange. (I have no idea who makes these, but any oil with the same scent would be fine!) When I first got these in the mail, I thought that I would just use them as a nice smelling oil for when I got my diffuser. But then, I decided to look up additional uses for them and came across a few I could use for sure! I have so far used the sweet orange to help with headaches and nausea! Headaches and nausea for me come along with my anxiety 90% of the time, but even when it isn’t anxiety related I have resulted to this oil as well. When feeling nauseous, I take a small amount of the oil and rub it right below my nose, aside from the smell being amazing I have actually found this to help a lot! The smell is refreshing and sweet which is known to fight nausea! I have noticed that when the nausea is anxiety-induced it works much better and faster, but I always give it a try! I also use the orange for headaches, which is really cool. I rub the oil on my temples and the back of my neck (or wherever the headache is) and I couldn’t even tell you why or how this helps but multiple times I have used this and the pain of my headache decreased dramatically! Of course I can’t speak for anybody else but myself when it comes to these but I think they are all worth giving a shot! By the same brand (whoever that may be) I have a bottle of eucalyptus oil that I have only used once for a muscle pain reliever and I did notice a small improvement in my pain level. Again, you simply rub the oil on the painful spot and let it do the trick. As I said, I can’t speak too much on this one because I don’t have too much experience with this one but it is supposed to have great benefits! From sinus relief, and pain relief, to stress relief and a cough aid. This is an oil I want to dig deeper into and see if I can get some of the great benefits out of this as well.

I love sharing things that can help people with specific issues they may have. If this could help someone else with anxiety, that would make me so happy because I know how hard it is to deal with. I also love natural remedies as opposed to resulting to medication, so this is something I plan to stick with as long as I can. Please let me know if any of you are into aromatherapy and have any tips for me, and as always thanks for reading!

With Love, Taylor