What I Get At The Salon!

Balayage For Days

This is one of the things that people always ask me, or simply comment on how much they like my hair. I figured I would quickly share what I ask for, how long I go for, and where I go. So let’s get started! (Final Product Below!)

To start, we all know as I’ve said before my hair is very temperamental. It has been through a lot and I really have been so happy with where it’s at color wise, so I have been doing the same thing for a while. I started going to West End Salon, in Long Branch NJ about a year and a half ago. Instantly I knew this would be a place I would walk out the door happy and satisfied because they’re all so knowledgeable. I get my hair done by Nicoletta and she’s so amazing at what she does and I’m so happy I found this salon. They also won’t do anything they know will truly damage your hair, or something they won’t be happy with the result.

I normally go every 9-12 weeks between coloring my hair, to keep it as healthy as possible. It is key to find someone that knows what they’re doing because my hair still looks amazing after 3 months of not being done. Sometimes I will go to the salon between visits to get a trim to keep it looking fresh. I used to be someone who refused to cut their hair, but once I started cutting it on a regular basis and started noticing a difference I know it’s true that you need to cut your hair to make it grow healthy.

Okay so for what I actually do to my hair, it takes me about 5 hours in the salon. This is partially because of how much hair I have, but also because they take their time to make sure it looks perfect. So with that being said, you have to be willing to sit for a little while. Normally, I keep my hair really light from March to about September but always wind up going darker for fall. However, I have also realized how bad that is for your hair so I’ve been sticking with the light and plan to from now on. SO, I get a balayage. I like my blondes on the ashy side, but not silver and I like dimension so not every piece is the same color. They tease my hair so that those pieces still have my natural brown in it and then foil the remaining strands of hair. My hair seems to lift pretty easily, but this takes so long because they pretty much paint it on every section of my hair. It always helps to have a picture too, and if you have a good stylist the result should come out pretty similar to what you’ve showed (unless they don’t believe they can achieve that). During the process, we use Olaplex to keep my hair healthy and to have as little damage as possible happen during the bleaching. Then, I always get a conditioning treatment when they’re washing the color out, normally whatever they recommend. In addition to toning, I use the Milkshake purple shampoo to get the brassiness out of the blonde. I also buy this to use at home about 1 or 2 times a month to keep my color looking fresh. As for the glazing/toning, I only know what she uses because she posted it on the Insta photo LOL, but normally she uses: 9t 9v and clear shades eq. This is used to achieve the white/ashy blonde that I love, and it looks amazing every time.

It’s hard keeping my hair healthy through all of this, because I do also style my hair a lot with heat which doesn’t help. I try to use the best products possible (and you know I swear by the at home Olaplex) and I’m starting to incorporate some hair vitamins and some other things to get my hair exactly where I want it. I just got my hair done about a week ago, and I won’t be touching it again until June or July so now is my time to get it healthy and long. So I will be sharing my hair journey as always because I’m excited to get it back long now that I am 1000% pleased with the color! Let me know if you have any other questions about anything in regards to my hair process, or what I get done at the salon. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see ya Thursday!

With Love, Taylor


OUAI Leave In ConditionerMilkShake Silver ShampooOLAPLEX No. 3