Daily Harvest – Fitness Friday!

 An Easy Healthy Breakfast

I’m sure by now, almost all of you have seen Daily Harvest being posted about on Instagram. Like some of you, I was really interested in giving it a try for myself. I love smoothies, and think that they’re one of my favorite things to have for breakfast- that’s healthy of course. Sometimes when I make smoothies at home, I get bored of the same combinations every day and get too lazy to try a new recipe. I came across a discount code to get 3 of my first order of smoothies for free, so I decided to give it a try. How Daily Harvest works, is pretty much a monthly or weekly subscription that you can customize to your liking. They do have some other things in addition to smoothies, like Harvest Bowls (more like a lunch) Oat and Chia bowls (another breakfast option) and also soups & lattes. I was mostly intrigued by their smoothies and was looking for breakfast options to try, so I chose to only get a box of smoothies but you can mix any of the options that they offer. Now, let’s get into pricing because they can be a little pricey in my opinion so here are the options:

Weekly options:

9 in a box- $7.75 a cup which comes out to about $70

12 in a box- $7.49 a cup which comes out to about $90

24 in a box- $6.99 a cup which comes out to about $160 (best value but very expensive)

Monthly options:

24 in a box- $6.99 a cup which comes out to about $160 (only monthly option)

I know myself and know that I am never going to drink 9 smoothies a week, so I feel like they could offer some more options for people who either can’t imagine having this many smoothies or simply can’t afford this many and want to give it a try. I went with the 9 box weekly but you’re able to skip the upcoming weeks if you don’t want to receive a shipment. I got my shipment about 2 weeks ago, and still have like 4 left and just have been pressing skip on my delivery until I’m ready for another one. So in this aspect I think Daily Harvest could accommodate everyone a little better.

Now let’s discuss the process of making the smoothies (I can’t speak for the other items they sell b/c I have never tried them) which are so super easy. I love Daily Harvest for the convince and the taste (& how healthy and natural their ingredients are) of their smoothies because literally they take 3 minutes to make and you can carry them on the go with you. So, pick whichever smoothie you want to make and pick a liquid of choice (mine is always almond milk) and head over to your blender. Take the plastic top and layer off and fill the cup (which already has all of the other ingredients in it) to the top with your preferred liquid and pour it all into the blender. Blend it for about 2 minutes, pour it back into the cup it came in, put the top back on and stick a straw into the hole on the lid and take it wherever you need to go. I haven’t had a flavor that I didn’t like and so far my favorite was the chocolate + hazelnut but these are the flavors I went with:

Oats + cacao (liked this one a lot)

Mango + greens (haven’t tried yet)

Dragon fruit + lychee (liked this one but the flavor wasn’t very strong)

Chocolate + hazelnut (favorite so far)

Cold brew + almond (tastes just like coffee)

Cacao + avocado (haven’t tried yet)

Strawberry peach x2 (second favorite!)

Mango + papaya (haven’t tried yet)

All of their flavors sound so good and natural, and I am planning on getting a second shipment once I’m done with the ones I have left because they are so easy when I’m on the go and like I said all of their flavor combos so far have been so yummy. If you guys want to give it a try, I highly recommend them and just find a plan that you can make work!

I have a discount code for you to get 3 cups free in your first order! https://daily-harvest.com/r/RE-LT8KE94 Click this link and apply code: RE-LT8KE94 at checkout! Let me know what you guys think if you decide to get one! Thanks for reading.

With love, Taylor