Date Night In A Box – Throwback!

  Back to the 80’s & 90’s

I’m the type of person that will jam out to throwback music at any time, so this box was super fun for me to be apart of because it had so many fun throwbacks that made me think of when I was younger! My favorite thing is that every single month these boxes differ so much which makes it exciting every time you get one in the mail. We had a very relaxing date night this time, literally curled up in bed in our PJ’s, with Disney movies on and eating some of the fun things provided in this months box.

The two best things in this box were the trivia, and the truth or dare. Both of these were our favorite parts and had us both laughing and smiling the whole time. The trivia was a lot of fun and all of the questions were based on the 80’s and 90’s so it was extra fun thinking back to when we were little and seeing if either of us knew the answer! (For most of them, at least one of us did!) I put a picture of the questions above, you can even check them out and test your knowledge for fun! The truth or dare part had us laughing so hard because it was partially karaoke so when someone got one of those, they had to sing a throwback song. Luckily my boyfriend got all but one of those so it was hysterical to watch! Even the truth or dare questions and tasks were tied into being throwbacks, like for example a dare was “do your best thriller dance” so it all tied in!

I know that some of you have told me you’ve been interested in the box, and I’m telling you to give it a try for a month at least and you won’t regret it! Click the link below, and give it a try for this month I’m sure it’ll be another good one!! I hope you all had a great weekend, thanks for reading!


With Love, Taylor