How I Feel About DisneyWorld!

DisneyWorld to me

The outside of Port Orleans Riverside
We upgraded to the “Royal room”

BEST ice cream in Disney, on the corner of Main Street in MK

Another MK favorite: Casey’s Corner

Finally getting to post my first Disney post! I was originally supposed to post this last week but found myself adding more and more and also taking some things out. I decided to share exactly what I feel and finally decided to share it with you guys. Since I want to make this a part of my blog I would love to hear feedback and what type of Disney posts you would like to see! (All of the photos above are only from my last trip, last May 2018)

If you follow me on Instagram you already know the answer to this question but, DisneyWorld is my favorite place on earth. If you don’t care about anything Disney related, then today’s post is not for you. This post will also probably be pretty lengthy so grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get into it.

I first went to DisneyWorld when I was 16 for my friends birthday, and I honestly was excited but I didn’t think I would love it as much as I did. During that trip, I was literally the happiest girl ever and I immediately wanted to plan a trip back, and so I did. I went back after my high school prom and then again last May. Each and every time I go I find more and more things I love about it there and I always have an amazing time. SO we planned another trip! For next month, and this trip is going to be a totally different trip because we decided to go all out and get all the bells and whistles. In the past we stayed wherever was having the best deal or whatever we could afford at the time. I should add that I always find it worth it to stay on Disney property because you get so many perks and it really adds to the whole trip. Any hotel I’ve stayed at is immaculately clean and does the job, (I’ve stayed at All-Star Sports, Art Of Animation, and most recently Port Orleans-Riverside) but this time we decided to save up for this trip and stay at The Beach And Yacht Club! I am so excited to stay here, I have heard such great things about this place and love all of the restaurants they have there and of course you walk right into Epcot, so that is going to be amazing.

I’ve also never been the craziest ride person, so I was skeptical about going to Disney because I didn’t know what they had but I love 90% of their rides and attractions. Magic Kingdom is my favorite park of course, there is so much to do there and so many things to see. Although it is always the most crowded, but you can’t not love it. Epcot is a close second and I know this is a very unpopular opinion but for someone who loves to eat and drink: it’s the place to be. Everything about it is so pretty and it’s like you’re sightseeing in all of the different countries. Every time I go I seem to find something new to try. Animal kingdom takes the third place spot and it’s also not far behind because this park is so different from all the other ones and gives a totally different feel. I am an animal lover so I always like to spend a lot of time here, and the safari seems to get better every time. Hollywood studios is an easy fourth spot for me because they’re doing a lot of work to it, and this is where a lot of the rides are too much for me. I haven’t seen Toy Story Land yet, and I am very excited to get over there next month!

I want to incorporate more Disney posts into my feed because I feel like it would be interesting to do maybe some tips or tricks, and some reviews of food and hotels. I would love to know if any of you think the this will be helpful and if you’re interested in posts like those! I want to focus more on those types of things on my upcoming vacation so I can provide updated feedback and maybe even do a vlog of our vacation. Disney is also something I have a real passion for, and I put so much into the planning  it would be useful to share the ins and outs I find along the way! Now that you all know I’m a Disney freak be on the lookout for those posts especially if this is something that interests you. See you all tomorrow!

With Love, Taylor