Kombucha – Fitness Friday!

Yay or nay?!

ALL time favorite flavors!

I’m sure if not all of you, most of you have seen or tried Kombucha and either loved it or hated it. Some of you may still be wondering what the hype is all about or if it’s just another health trend that will be gone before we know it. I’m here to share my opinions and thoughts on it, and hopefully hear what you guys think!

So let me just give you a little info about Kombucha itself. It is a tea that winds up being fermented and releases probiotic bacteria. (sounds gross I know) Most places add flavoring to their kombucha which makes it a whole lot better tasting. For example, my favorite flavors consist of pomegranate, raspberry, mango and pretty much any sweet fruity flavor. Finding wide variety used to be more difficult because it was such a new thing, but now pretty much all food stores carry some sort of kombucha. It can be an acquired taste for sure, and I believe you’re either going to like it or hate it. For me, it wasn’t terrible the first time I tried it, it just took some getting used to and now I drink it all the time. They’re low in calories as well, so that is good to note.

I also want to share some of the reasons that I drink it because it’s not because it’s a health trend thats going on at the moment. I have always struggled with gut health and have had plenty of stomach issues growing up. I am the worst at taking vitamins, and drinking a drink is much easier for me to do. So, with this being a great source of a probiotic it promotes a healthy gut and digestive tract. That means the good bacteria in kombucha fights against bad bacteria that are found in the gut. In addition to that, kombucha is known to build up your immune system so drinking it at times where sickness is at a high (flu season, etc) is a great idea. The antioxidants that kombucha contains help to detoxify the body, and keep your body in good overall health. Gut health is so important because so many other things string from your gut and digestive tract, so that’s why kombucha is such a rage in the health world. Lastly for me, as I’ve shared before I struggle with anxiety often and while I was doing research on kombucha I found many articles connecting kombucha and improved mental health and I thought that was really cool.

Kombucha is definitely something I’m glad I started drinking. There are many other health benefits that have been discussed when referring to drinking kombucha but they’re much more serious claims that can be different for everyone. I highly recommend giving it a try if you have some stomach problems because I don’t think it can hurt! Let me know your thoughts it, and if you’ve seen any results! Thanks for reading, see you all next week have a great weekend!

With Love, Taylor