My 2 Go-To Starbucks Orders

For Coffee & Non-Coffee Drinkers!

Believe it or not, people always ask me what my go-to drinks at Starbucks are. I know this isn’t like a normal post of mine but I wanted to put this on my blog so that if anyone wants to try it out, or is curious what I get, it will always be here! Clearly I am a huge fan of Starbucks, and I love trying new things from there but I do have a coffee go-to as well as a tea option! This is great for people who don’t like coffee, or if you’re just craving Starbucks at a late hour.

Okay for my coffee of choice, I always will go with some version of a macchiato. Sometimes they have different alterations to them but my favorite so far is probably just a regular caramel macchiato. If I’m trying to be really good I’ll ask for less caramel, but it’s so good any way you get it. They have their cloud foam macchiatos right now, and they’re also pretty good but can be a little heavy.

For my non-coffee drinkers, or if your just not feelin’ it one day my favorite tea that Starbucks has to offer is their peach citrus white tea lemonade. OMG. It’s literally my favorite drink ever, especially when the weather starts to get warmer. It is so refreshing, and it’s great both sweetened and not however, I normally get it sweetened! If you get a venti or a trenta and like it cold, get extra ice for sure because it always melts fast.

Thank you guys for reading! Let me know your feelings on Starbucks and if you have a favorite drink there, or happen to agree with one of mine! See you guys on Fitness Friday with one of my favorite recipes.

With Love, Taylor