An Essential Timepiece (Giveaway Included!!)

The Accessory of the Summer: A Watch by JORD

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, so I figured I would come back with something fun and something you can all be a part of. A few weeks ago I was introduced to a new brand of watches that I fell in love and had the opportunity to partner up with. The name of the company is Jord and they are based out of St. Louis. The style of their watches ranges so that they have a watch that could really match anyone’s fashion sense. Almost all of their watches can be engraved on the back which is a nice touch to become a personalized piece in your closet or even better as a gift to someone! The watch I chose is called the SIER ARCADIA, and I got it in the gold and sodalite color variety which is neutral yet fun with a pop of blue in the face of the watch. 

In today’s look I styled the watch with a neutral outfit to give the watch the attention it deserves! I think this watch would pair so well with a nice pair of denim and a cute little top, it doesn’t need much because it’s such a showstopper! Being a watch person, this one truly does make an impression on me because it’s so well made and it’s a watch that I could even wear daily. 

            I want to be able to give you all the opportunity to have one of these beautiful watches, so I’m hosting a giveaway to win $100 off any Jord watch, which can give you one of these for a really amazing price! They offer free worldwide standard shipping which is a huge plus! In addition to that, just for entering you will receive a 10% gift code to use on the Jord website. All you have to do is enter using the link below, and enter your information. A month after entry, one lucky winner will be emailed to claim their prize! All watches will come with a one year warranty so it really is a great option for any watch lover! There’s no harm in entering, and getting $100 off one of these watches is such a steal because they are so well made and add so much to any outfit. 

            I hope you all loved this post, and learned a little bit about Jord and their uniquely crafted watches. Make sure to check them out because I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I’ll link their Insta and website down below along with the giveaway link. As always thanks for reading and a huge thank you to my friends over at Jord watches for this collaboration! (GIVEAWAY) (INSTA) (WEBSITE)



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